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Frequently Asked Questions

Order & Payment Related Queries

How to order my favorite wearable on Pay in Fashion?

Being the world’s first e-com marketplace for payment wearables, its rather simplified for the best customer experience. 

First select your choice of payment wearable from the wide range of collections in watches, rings, bracelets, tags, charms, pendants & much more. You can wishlist all your favs! After adding to cart, proceed to check out and fill in your billing address. You can select the mode of payment as per your convenience and place your order. Now you just need to hold your excitement till your order reaches you.

What are the different modes of payments available on Pay in Fashion?

We accept payments through cash, credit cards and debit cards. Pay on delivery is also available so that you can order without any hassles when the product reaches you.

Can I use any card for my payment?

As long as your card is a VisaCard or MasterCard, you are good to go.

How long will it take for my product to reach me after the order is placed?

Is the delivery free for every order?

Product Related Queries

How can I know my size for rings or watches?

The sizes of every product are given in its description. Measuring instructions are given as well. So choose your size and flaunt it in style!

How to use my contactless payment wear?

The contactless payment accessories are integrated with your payment cards. Once you connect your accessory to your bank account/payment card you can use it anywhere around the world that allows you to Tap & Pay with ease.

While shopping with my payment accessory, should I always enter the pin on payment?

It depends on the payment portal & location accordingly. If the place you shop has a contactless payment system in place, you can use our payment wear just like how you tap the physical card on shopping.

How safe is it to shop with a payment wear from Pay in Fashion?

All the products available on Pay in Fashion ensure your data security. We make sure all our products come from brands that promise security & safety across all accessories.

Can I use my accessory while swimming or doing any other activity?

Yes, that’s what they are designed for. Most of the products available on Pay in Fashion are water-proof, dust-proof & sweat-proof. However we recommend you to be careful while doing heavy duty work, as it can get damaged.

Can I connect more than one card to my accessory?

Currently, you can connect only one card to the accessory,with the range of products that are available in Pay in fashion.So we would suggest you connect the card that you use the most. However, we are sure the day is not far when you will be able to connect multiple cards to your accessory

Warranty, Returns & Refunds Related Queries

Does every damage on the accessory come under warranty?

No. The damages that are caused by any activity of the wearer would not be covered under warranty. However on manufacturing defects it will be covered under

What is the warranty period for products on Pay in Fashion?

The warranty period depends on each of the brands from where you buy the product.

In what circumstances can I return the product?

These circumstances depend on each of the brands from where you buy the product.

How do we get the refund?

How much time does it take for the refund to take place?

It takes 10-15 business days for the refund to reflect on the account that you made the purchase from.

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